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DNA Testing in Denver, CO

Do you wonder if your partner has been faithful? This question can be answered fully and quickly with one call today to Shield Screening and DNA Services. We proudly offer quick, professional results for DNA testing and more in Denver, CO. If you have questions about paternity, infidelity, or identity, our professional services are just what you need to get the answers you seek. All of our services can be performed at our location or through our mobile site for your convenience. Your results will come directly from us, instead of through a third party, in an average of three to five days. We also offer no hidden fees and the best rates in Denver! Paternity tests cost only $245. Contact us today. We can come right to your location!

Our Services:

  • Paternity Testing — Only $245!
  • DNA Testing
  • Infidelity Testing
  • Sibling Testing
  • Grandparent Testing
  • Aunt/Uncle Testing
  • Twins Testing
  • Y-Chromosome Testing


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